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Anzara Clark



My arts practice focuses on paper, textiles and recyclable materials. I make two dimensional and soft sculptural works including abstracted conceptual pieces and garment forms. My work is layered and nuanced and built up from repetitive motifs and actions that produce wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts; and in which each part is still integral to the poetics of the work. 

The textural aspect of my work is intended to awaken the sense of touch in viewers; inciting them to want to handle the work in environments where touching artwork is taboo. In my work with recyclable materials I aim to obscure the source of the material until viewed closely, thereby challenging viewer perceptions and assumptions. I ask viewers to consider where value lies - in materials or in human labour? Experimentation is an integral part of my practice.


Currently I am extending and refining ways of manipulating paper using textile techniques. I am exploring the links between paper and narratives and deliberately subverting the text narratives on my materials to create new visual stories.     Instagram: @anzaraclarkartist