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Samuel Hardidge

Contemporary painting and Natural Materials Jewellery

Hardidge is a Melbourne based contemporary painter and Art Therapist, his work invites an intimacy, honesty and mystery into humanity and the natural world.

Using the imagery of Australian natural landscapes and the human figure, Hardidge connects the wisdom and learning from natural processes with personal and universal human experiences and stories. His emotive figures evoke his audience into an exploration of self, relationships, sexuality and spirituality.

Often accompanying his work with poetry, he encourages viewers to dwell with each artwork and find themselves within them.


Hardidge works with many mediums, allowing each to inform the other. Lately he has been working with natural materials including stone and wood.

instagram: samuel_hardidge

Bailey Jeffrey

Mixed Media, Semi-realistic Landscapes

I paint abstract yet semi realistic landscapes using mixed media. My works often feature a contrast of bright and dark colours that relate to a landscape mood and climate.


I’ve always loved making things, whether that be painting, ceramics, photography, and even films. I’m heavily inspired by the natural world and the different locations I’ve been able to travel, so to convey them is a way of showing my experience and the thoughts I had in that space.


The buzz I get from creating a painting is like nothing else, it’s so exciting to me to see an idea come alive.

Lisa Grant

Mixed Media painting, Natural Materials


Currently completing a visual Arts degree at Eastern College Melbourne, Lisa has a passion for celebrating nature and creating symbolic art that melds nature, ancient symbols and hope in a seventh century Celtic tradition.


Incorporating natural products of the earth such as metal-leaf, salt and sand into her work, she melds them together with a variety of media including inks, acrylics, water colours and oils.


Influenced by Makoto Fujimura abstract art, she enjoys incorporating metal leaf into her work for its qualities as an ore of the earth as well as it’s luminosity.


Lisa’s work celebrates texture and the natural flow and interaction of the materials, allowing their organic movement to influence the design.


The art is less about the outward appearance, but what the symbolism of the work represents. Her hope is that the images will speak to the heart, as reflecting on the symbolism creates quiet moments that leads toward ancient truths that bring hope and peace.

John O'Connell

Painting, Semi Abstract Landscapes

During this season I am mainly working with acrylics and oils, although in the past I worked in print making. The last ten years I have been delving deeper into the wonder of creation and the creator. Endeavoring to co-create and give visual substance to God's presence.


My work falls probable in the genre of semi abstract landscapes, although some images become more abstract as an element of the eternal and inner voice.

Glynis Brown

Watercolour & Oil Painting

My art work is mostly painting in watercolour or oil. I love the versatility of both of these mediums, providing endless possibilities for creating the visual impact and mood my subject inspires.


All my paintings are explorations of the effects of light on objects and in the landscape, and the way in which light, shadow, shape and colour create movement, atmosphere and mystery.


My inspiration is the wonder of God’s Creation and an attempt to express the joy I experience in painting the simple and unremarkable in our surroundings, as well as the profoundly beautiful.


In a display of my work there would be a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes, interiors and still-life to florals and portraits, unified by medium, colour palette and framing.

instagram: artstudio_27

Mary-Lin Litchfield

Painting, Luminous Abstract

My art works are contemplative and luminous abstractions. The works reflect my response to the natural environment, events and environments of our human world and my inner emotive and intellectual understanding.


I interpret my reflections and responses in line and colour through rhythmic and symbolic forms which have changed and evolved much over years. I have explored abstracted landscape and tonal still life and have now arrived at a place of 'visual dream' where I commence with a mark and move through the work forming with line, rhythm and colour. I then complete the resolved image to resonate with open possibility, emotional energy and symbolic meaning for the viewer and myself.

Gabby Willmott


I love to paint and draw from nature and be inspired by he human soul. My artwork is ethereal, semi realistic and impressionistic in style.


Helping others to see beauty in themselves and in every day life around them makes me come alive. Leading others to realise their own creativity is a fundamental part of sharing my art and story.

instagram: gwillmott

Cathy Berry

Pastels & Oils

I work in Pastels and Oils, I have been painting for 30+years. I am very interested in the Historical Building and Gardens especially in the Yarra Valley.

Jan Parish


I am compelled to express my connection to nature creatively. It brings me joy and peace.

Gina Miller

Mixed Media Painting


Heather Bradbury

Oil Painting



Dawna Richardson-Hyde


Dawna Richardson-Hyde is a designer & artist who maintains her own studio practice in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, Australia.


Dawna uses printmaking techniques such as relief printing, monoprint & collograph to explore the qualities of mark-making, gesture, colour & surface texture to reflect her surroundings, moods & events.


‘Making art is my way of responding to the world; it is where I find my place & purpose.’

Emma Davis



Russel Downie



Megan Medwell

Nature Photography



Narelle Tout

Mixed Media, Woven Vessels

I studied art years ago, majoring in textiles, and have enjoyed using many mediums over the years.  But I only learned to make my first basket three years ago. Over the past 18 months my joy and interest in vessels has grown - we are all vessels, carrying life, memories, lessons learned - and what they can say to us.


I also love the redemption of taking dead leaves, weeds from a garden, vines, fabric, etc. and creating something new that shows its beauty, and speaks to hearts of those who see them - even if it is just to give them a smile.

Keith Chidzey


Ross Miller

Bronze Figurative & Abstract Sculpture

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