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Become a member and join us in a wonderful creative adventure!


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Kapi Art Space is a collaborative space open for anyone to join.

We encourage artists to become members and benefit from the space in a number of different membership levels.


OASIS - $10 a week

Yearly Membership at Kapi Art Space (Free internet, 20 days a year use of the space*) Supporting the vision. $40 a month. This would also include the opportunity to paint live, create, sit and read, write, perform in business hours for customers to enjoy.

*After negotiating a schedule with Creative Director. 


WELLSPRING - $25 to$40 a week*

Hiring an 'art space' (Wall & Plinths) Gives the artists work exposure to the public through the gallery. Kapi offers free promotion of your work through gallery networks with this Membership and free internet and 40 days use of the space. You also have the opportunity to place any books, cards, prints etc. in the sale area. 

*Price is determined by the size of space rented. See details below.



FOUNTAIN - $75 +

Hiring performing space. Email to discuss times and details for a quote.


WATERING HOLE $75 - $160

This membership includes either a regular or one off half or a whole day option to hire the workshop area out with free internet and use of the projector. 

Half day $75 (3.5 hours)

Full day $160 (8 hours) 


OCEAN $550 - $800

Book the space for your own exhibition

Main room $550 a week

Smaller rooms $360 each a week.

All three rooms $1000 a week

Free internet provided & use of the projector. 

5% commision of works sold is taken for admin.










Established Artists & Emerging Artists



What is an ‘art space’ and what sizes and spaces are available?

There are two types of spaces. (These spaces can also include digital work. Talk more with staff about your ideas)

1. Wall spaces & 2. Plinth spaces

These spaces are available in different sizes and rooms which vary in price.

There are three rooms.

The main room is for Established artists

and the two smaller rooms for Emerging artists.



1. Wall space:

Established Artists main room: Small $30 Medium $35 Large $40

Emerging Artists smaller rooms: Small $25 Medium $30 Large $35 

Small 600mm wide x 1000mm

Medium 800mm wide x 1000mm

Large1100mm wide x 1100mm


2. Plinth space:

Established Artists main room: Small $30 Medium $35 Large $40

Emerging Artists smaller rooms: Small $25 Medium $30 Large $35Small: 400mm square top x 900 or 600mm high

Medium: 500mm square top x 900 or 600mm high.

Large: 600mm square top x 800mm high 


What is the minimum length of time an artist can rent an ‘art space’?

Artists can rent for a minimum of 3 months (or equivalent days. eg. 84 days) We have exhibitions coming and going which will take up the whole area for two weeks at a time). After that time you can continue on for another 3 months or finish your art space lease. You can change around your art pieces in this time, and of course when you art sells. All changes just need to be run past the curator first.


How much notice do you give when you want to end your ‘art space’?

We need three weeks notice if you are wanting to finish your lease at the end of your three-month stay. You may extend your lease by request also.


How does an artist submit artwork for approval for the gallery ‘art spaces’?

You can log onto and click on ARTISTS SPACE button. 

There you can submit and register for your place in the gallery. Please note not everyone will be able to have their art submitted at one time. Depending on the style and subject matter that gallery will determine what art will sell and is best for the customer audience. 


How many art pieces can be displayed in one ‘art space’?

You can submit a minimum of 3 pieces on line for your space and a maximum of 10. In some cases you can have numerous pieces on your wall depending on their theme, size etc. This is to happen in discussion with the curator.


Can you share your ‘art space’ with other friends to carry the expense?

You can apply for a shared space, this will be initially online then in person to determine how best to make the space work for two. In some cases this will not work, as the piece may be too big or not suited together. 


How does payment work, is there an admin commission?

Payment is online, 

There is an 5% commission on works sold, to cover admin, packaging etc.


GST is not required, but may be introduced in 2019 










If you would like to hire a wall space or plinth space, please email 3 images of your work, with  names & sizes. Also 200 words about yourself and your art to: 

Artwork submissions will be assessed and responded to within 2 business days.



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