Dawna Richardson-Hyde


Being an artist isn’t so much a choice as a necessity. It is a lifestyle choice rather than a wise financial decision!


For most of Dawna’s life she was a tertiary teacher in art & design, ceramics & textiles. There came a ‘tipping point’- a decision that had to be acted upon to realise a life-long desire to work as

a full time practising artist.

It took five years to plan & undertake the transition from teacher to full time artist.


A year spent working in Saudi Arabia earned Dawna the funds to kick-start the studio build, an additional two years to design & manage the building of the studio while continuing to teach,

then finally a move into the studio space & the establishment of a series of workshops & master

classes delivered in the studio enabled Dawna to explore & focus on the direction for her own work.


She developed the processes, work practices & daily rituals necessary to maintain momentum as a full time practising artist working in isolation in the studio.


A beautiful Enjay printing press was installed in the studio, print tables were built & equipment gathered to work in print, works on paper, encaustics & textile disciplines, often in combination.


Finally in 2013, Dawna began life as a full time practising artist, after fifty years spent establishing

a teaching career to generate income, creating a home & raising a family!


To Dawna’s surprise, she discovered that most galleries are not interested in artists who begin their art practice later in life. They seek younger artists who they feel will be a longer term investment. They perceive the younger artist to be more exciting - more ‘cutting edge’. That the younger artist’s technical skills & aesthetics are still in the early development phase is of small concern.


There is room for both though. It is a generalisation, indeed a misconception that the mature artist is not a worthy investment.

And so, Dawna will continue to develop her work, challenge herself, & work outside her comfort zone. Work that is authentic, sustainable & developed over a long period of time is her goal.


Dawna states; “If I have at least another twenty good years to make art, you may be certain that having created the space & time to do that, I will be giving it my full attention!”

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