Lisa Grant

Mixed Media painting, Natural Materials


Currently completing a visual Arts degree at Eastern College Melbourne, Lisa has a passion for celebrating nature and creating symbolic art that melds nature, ancient symbols and hope in a seventh century Celtic tradition.


Incorporating natural products of the earth such as metal-leaf, salt and sand into her work, she melds them together with a variety of media including inks, acrylics, water colours and oils.


Influenced by Makoto Fujimura abstract art, she enjoys incorporating metal leaf into her work for its qualities as an ore of the earth as well as it’s luminosity.


Lisa’s work celebrates texture and the natural flow and interaction of the materials, allowing their organic movement to influence the design.


The art is less about the outward appearance, but what the symbolism of the work represents. Her hope is that the images will speak to the heart, as reflecting on the symbolism creates quiet moments that leads toward ancient truths that bring hope and peace.

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