Gina Miller

Mixed Media Painting

I want my work to be expressive, spontaneous and experimental even though I may start with a realistic picture in my mind. I love using a variety of materials and media: different types of paint, inks, crayons and collage papers. My first marks are quite accidental brush strokes without conscious thinking or planning, in the realm of subconscious mark making. The ongoing dialogue with the painting begins once I start to overlay the various mixed media, only then does the composition begin to unfold.

I like using bold contrasting colours and I experiment with textures hoping to pull the viewer into the emotion of the painting through movement, rhythm and colour. The painting is finished when it radiates energy and intensity.


My paintings are of my inner psyche and come to me like dreams. They are an emotional response to my creativity.

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Kapi Art Space

1282 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Kalorama


0447 358 006

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