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Jayson Munn

abstract and mixed media

Hi my name is Jayson, I am an intuitive artist. I have loved creating art since I was a child. It gave me a place of solace and colour to escape into experiencing my own worlds. 

Over the years I have used different mixed media, such as oils, watercolour, airbrushing, pastel, acrylic and my new work over the past 5 years is abstract healing art. 

As I am a healer, healing energies, light, love and inspiration flows through me into the paint and onto the canvas. Every painting has a story to it, taking you on a journey. I believe all artists are here to help bring positive change to this world through colour, love, passion and inspiration. When you see my work please take time to feel into the painting to experience a new level of wonder.

Love and Blessings,




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