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Crowdfunding 2020


Crowd Funding


OUR TARGET: $25,000 by JULY 2020 

Our first group exhibition in October was an overwhelming success, leading to several projects moving into 2020, further supporting and give voice to the area of mental health in the Yarra Ranges region.


Aimed right at the heart of Kapi’s vision, which is to

support people in telling their stories of healing and restoration from mental health challenges through arts processes and creative expression,

our 2020 Creative Mental Health Program aims to widen our cultural capabilities, reaching vulnerable and isolated members of the region, inviting them into a safe and healing creative community.

Stories of Endurance Book courses, mentoring & exhibition 2020

The project includes the production of a book containing the 2019

exhibitions’ stories and art, titled

Stories of Endurance,

The development of curated artist support workshops called

Refresh your creative soul


and developing a more impactful

Endure Exhibition

to be held over Mental Health Week 2020, with community programs, art
therapy and events based on valuable feedback from the 2019 exhibition.

The exhibition movement and its subsidiary outcomes meet a stated need
of supporting the development of resilient and livable communities in the Yarra


The project has at its heart the purposes of: Facilitating connected and healthy communities
Fostering engagement and inclusivity with other locals of the region Encouraging contribution, participation and belonging in cultural activities and Promoting equity through the positive empowerment of minority voices.

These outcomes align with Yarra Ranges Councils’ Health and Wellbeing values, as
identified in The Yarra Ranges 2017 -2021 strategy to create “environments that
enable people to be healthy and increase their wellbeing”. It also promotes gender
equity and contributions toward the vibrant artistic heritage that connects
communities within the Yarra Ranges region.

We aim to raise $25,000 through philanthropy, Council funding, public fundraising
events and crowdfunding campaign and is based on our Fundraising Strategy

The funds will go directly toward sustaining the development of resources and
programs, support and partnerships with mental health professionals and
organisations in the region and also a generous donation to a local mental health
resource platform.


Projected outcomes

Projected outcomes are to further establish our supportive creative community environment

to enhance wellbeing and help to empower individuals’ pathways toward mental health recovery through a sense of belonging.


Through the overwhelmingly supportive feedback and encouragement from the community, Council and social enterprise organisations, we are extremely confident that further developments of this project will produce a thriving resource and vibrant creative community for those who are experiencing the challenge of trauma and mental health illness.


It will serve also to de-stigmatise mental health and bring into the open the very real - and touching- stories that shape peoples lives whilst championing the role that art and creativity have to play in the healing journey.

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