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Grace Bailey

Acrylic and Oil

Once upon a time, Grace Bailey was a watercolour painter who adored how watercolour takes its own path if you let it. Mix pigment with water and it flows, and not always how you expect.


Then she went off to uni and got a Masters in realist oil portraiture. Despite moving to oils, she used the watercolour technique of loads of medium (turps) and let the paint take its own way! 


Years later she discovered the immediacy of acrylics when she began painting live - a lot - in front of audiences, within a limited time span.

This developed her style into a much quicker application than ever before, creating a wonderful looseness and life. 


As an artist, It felt like a coming of age of style after so many years of painting realistically.


She uses large brushes, loads of water, and lets the pigment take its own path (up to a point). But she still uses the realist focus on eyes to ground the works, whether they are people portraits or bird and animal portraits.


Grace Bailey

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