Gwenda Lyons

Oil Painting

I started painting after my kids were grown and I had some time for myself,  I always liked art and knew I had some hidden talent that just wanted to come out.  

My first attempt was with oil which I made a mess of and put away.   Then I tried watercolour, which I loved but found was hard to work out, and my teacher at the time said, that I painted in watercolour like I was using oils. 

I was fortunate enough to have found Anita Roleff who ran an art craft group in Tecoma which is close to where I live, and this is where I learned to paint in oil. 

I found a real freedom in oil, because mistakes can be painted over or rubbed off. 

The subjects I love to paint are Portraits, Still life, Wildlife and now Landscape, which is still new to me. I am a slow and meticulous painter, and over approximately 20 years I find I am still learning and evolving.

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