Karen van Cuylenburg

Collagraphprints and mixed media

I was born in Sri Lanka and migrated to Australia with my family when I was 14 years old. My art practice is informed by the complex identity that evolves when you question and examine your new country with the heritage you bring from another

I have lived in Central Victoria for most of my life in Australia. I have traveled extensively in Australia, mostly camping in remote areas. In particular I am drawn to camping near wetlands. My work explores the protracted dry periods during the ‘boom and bust‘ cycles of our intermittent wetlands.


I use collagraph prints and mixed media to make my work. My source material is collected in these landscapes. I use these to give my collagraph plates a textural as well as visual connection to their place of origin. I also use my sketches and photographs to shape and inform my work when I am back in the studio. My work pays homage to the fragile and vulnerable beauty that can be found in these places and to remind us of what we could lose if we don’t act now to change the way we live.

I have exhibited in galleries in Central Victoria, Melbourne and South Australia. My medium is Collagraph printing, painting, charcoal and pastel.

0434 677 530    klvancuylenburg@gmail.com    Instagram:  @Karen van     Cuylenburg@FaceBook

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