Title: Inspired by Psalm 46 as sung by Shane & Shane and covid“The Hills are melting”

Artist: Anita Roleff
Medium:Textured background, acrylic paints, damar glaze...



Anita Roleff | The Hills Are Melting

  • Anita Roleff Mixed Media
    Anita Roleff was born in Camberwell VIC in 1942, and at the age of nine was strongly drawn to becoming an artist. She studied Art at Swinburne Art School and, after attaining top marks in Folio Presentation, as well as Life and Costume Drawing, she graduated with a Certificate of Art in 1961.
    During the 1980s and 1990s she worked as a Diversional Therapist at Moorfield Community Care, teaching silk painting, ceramics, weaving and other crafts.