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In the nowhere town of Ubiquity, a weird little kid called f.O.g, unwittingly challenges a terrifying alien invader to a duel, to decide the victor of half of the world's resources. Against all odds, f.O.g is victorious, and is hailed as "Forever, Our Greatest".


f.O.g is at one level a simple tale of a weird little kid who saves the world from an alien invasion, just by being himself. At a deeper level though, this is a book designed to promote conversations, understanding and appreciation for those on Autism spectrum, and for those caring for them, living with them.

The tale is told from the child's point of view, and develops a theme of transformation of perception, by changing the perspectives of others involved in the tale, and those reading it. The metaphor is the metamorphosis that occurs through the story of a 'grub' becoming a beautiful butterfly.

My hope is that as grown-ups read f.O.g with kids, there will be a growing sharing and understanding that we are all on 'the spectrum'. It's just a matter of perspective and perception; of how we see situations and people, compared to who they really are. Also, that reading and discussing this story will enable some helpful and healing conversations for those of us on 'the spectrum'; the weird little kids, and those weird little kids who have grown up.

Tim Burke | Fog

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