Title: Tenuous Nature 2019 #13

Artist: Christie Lange 

Medium: Unglazed Cool Ice Porcelain

Size: Approx 4.3 x4.3


This collection is an imagining of fictional organisms, investigating their capacity for resilience, adaptation, evolution, reproduction and survival. 


Zooming in to the small world of the ‘morphoids’, specimens of mutant subtleties defying classification come into focus. Unidentifiably male or female, they appear rapturous, sensually interacting in a dance of cyclic fertility.  A tenuous space can be sensed in the insinuation of touch, are they compatible?  Will they achieve the connection they desire?  What is being shared in this anticipated exchange?  Such tenuous, yet tender moments are evocative of the desire to connect, to procreate, and furthermore to survive. 



Christie Lange | Tenuous Nature 2019 #13