Title: Be Happy,

Artist: Elizabeth Taylor

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: Approx. H25cm x W20cm


The woman in this painting has reason to be happy. She is in her garden, surrounded by flowers, trees and birds under a benevolent sun. Lets enjoy such moments -  al the more because they can be fleeting!

Elizabeth Taylor | Be Happy

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Acrylic and Oil Painting

    What inspires me as an artist? 

    The magical Dandenong Ranges, in which I have lived for nearly 20 years, is a primary inspiration to me. These  misty mountains provides subject matter, and are an inspiring landscape of  mystery and  changing atmosphere - and for me, a new place of belonging. 

    I am inspired by the work of many of the greats in the world of the visual arts. I find most pleasure in the works of European painters of the early twentieth century - Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky - where colour is vibrant and emotionally powerful. I admire the American painter Edward Hopper, for his combination of realism with an undertone of something primal, tense, and sometimes almost surrealist. Charles Blackman, the magnificent Australian painter, created pictures with similar resonance. 
    My own desire is mainly to evoke a realistic optimism through colour and simple images. People sometimes say that my paintings make them feel happy- which is a wonderful  accolade. 

    Grandma Moses, the American painter who found her voice and fame in her seventies with her extraordinary artistic fecundity, is of course an inspiration to anyone setting out as an artist in later life!

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