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Title: Wisdom

Aritst: Heather Bradbury

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 76 x 102cm


This photo was taken by John Englezos. An image Heather had set up specifically to use to paint this story. An aboriginal Aunty Elder was pouring water into the hands of a younger aboriginal aunty who was pouring it into a white fellas hand. 


Incredible significance in the story of our aboriginal brothers and sisters leading us to water, even though we were foreiners in their land, they welcomed us in and gave us life! Forever Thankful, but very aware this cost you greatlly. 


We have much wisdom to learn from your grace and friendship.

Heather Bradbury | Wisdom

  • Heather was born in Rochester, Victoria, Australia in 1966 and currently lives in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. (also lived in Tasmania for 18 years) She is a mother of four boys and has worked in the media and graphic design industry for around twenty-six years, connecting with people from all over the world. She loves drawing and painting large photo realistic images inspired by nature, reflections and water droplets. She is the Managing Director and owner of KAPI ART SPACE, a Studio Gallery in the Dandenong Ranges, Australia, where the mission is to bring individuals and groups fully alive in their creative dreams!

    ​Her work is a visual diary, reflecting the life and hope that water brings. Heather has been a finalist in the Tasmanian Glover Prize & in the Fleurieu Art Prize Adelaide. She held numerous exhibitions in Tasmania and produced two book based on her works and has been recognised nationally and internationally through online publications and highly commended in art shows around Melbourne.

    Heather currently mentors and teaches creative direction through painting and drawing and runs various courses and programs for people and groups who want to explore the heart rhythm of their creative journey. 

    ​She has been a coordinator and manager for many community programs in Australia and overseas including festivals, arts programs, and retreats. Heather also enjoys working with indigenous artists, swimming, walking in the Australian bush, and spending time with her family.

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