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Title: Male Superb Lyrebird,

Walking through the forest in the Dandenong Ranges you maybe lucky enough to hear the loud and complex outpouring of his song. His mimicking of other birds and human sounds are extraordinary

Artist: Jan Parish

Medium: Mixed Medium 

Size: Approx. H75cm x W 52cm

Jan Parish | Male Superb Lyrebird

  • Jan Parish


    ​The natural world has always filled me with curiosity and wonder.

    ​Growing up in The Dandenong Ranges enabled me to spend time exploring along the Sassafras creek while being in my own world of imagination. The wildlife I encountered on a daily basis was an enchantment.

    ​As an adult my then husband and I explored many rainforest environments from Tasmania to Cape York and Western Australia for our book,Rainforest Australia.

    ​When I retired from my publishing business I took up art full time and have been painting and exhibiting ever since.

    ​For the last 12 years I have been living in The Kimberley pursuing my art, I have been exhibiting my Nature Portraits and Kimberley landscapes in Kununurra. Now, as I spend half the year in Melbourne, I return to the hills and am re-inspired by the majestic eucalypt forest and so many glorious gardens. I feel compelled through my art to express my great love of the birds I grew up with.

    I am very grateful to be part of Kapi Gallery and very excited to be able to exhibit my work in this beautiful location. What a wonderful homecoming.

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