Title: Forest Escape,

Artist: Jeffrey Bailey

Medium: Mixed Media using a combination of spray paint, acrylic paint and ink.

Size: Approx Ø 30cm


This piece was inspired by multiple bush walks through the beautiful Dandenong ranges! As the name suggests the forest is an escape for me and often a peaceful and grounding get away from life’s stressors.


Jeffrey Bailey | Forest Escape

  • Bailey Jeffrey

    Mixed Media, Semi-realistic Landscapes

    ​I paint abstract yet semi realistic landscapes using mixed media. My works often feature a contrast of bright and dark colours that relate to a landscape mood and climate.

    I’ve always loved making things, whether that be painting, ceramics, photography, and even films. I’m heavily inspired by the natural world and the different locations I’ve been able to travel, so to convey them is a way of showing my experience and the thoughts I had in that space.

    The buzz I get from creating a painting is like nothing else, it’s so exciting to me to see an idea come alive.

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