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Title: Homage

This is a fun painting in oils paying homage (hence the title) to a couple of loved icons of our time - in the corner there is my version of Matisse's "Green Stripe", a portrait of the artist's wife and in the foreground a little Bitossi like peacock. Bitossi are celebrated mid century ceramics and pottery.

Artist: Karen Bowen

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 78x60cm

Karen Bowen | Homage

  • Hello there!

    I am an artist living in the Patch in the Dandenong Ranges. Working mainly in oils, I use bold colour and line in my mostly dramatic contemporary pieces. I am fascinated by the colours and patterns in nature and find inspiration through both the micro and macro levels of observation of the world around me. I love to create work where I get lost in the colour and the pattern and am delighted when others respond in the same way.

    I’m interested in learning more about creative and artistic expression. I often explore and respond to the work of different artists and genres in my search my own “artist voice” and have a love of expressionism and the artists of early to mid 1900s. I have also been putting my toe into the portrait world and find it a challenging and wonderful experience.

    My paintings have sold to various private individuals in Melbourne and I also produce a range of art cards and prints for sale and am happy to take on commissions.

    My mantra is art for the joy of colour. Check out my Instagram for more @abracadabra_designs

    Karen Bowen

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