Title: Unheralded,

Artist: Keith Chidzey

Medium: Found timber, gold leaf, ochre

Size: Approx. H20cm


There is and often-ignored beauty and life in our land that has been present for thousands of years despite the current euro-derived attitude that our land is purely to be used and exploited. It one takes the time to look.



Keith Chidzey | Unheralded

  • Keith Chidzey


    ​Sydney sculptor Keith Chidzey is an emerging sculptor and land artist, driven by the magnificence and splendour of creation. This energy manifests itself in various forms, through highlighting environmental responsibility, prophecy through art, and promoting social justice. Chidzey has a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting /Drawing), a Master of Arts (Sculpture) and a Master of Fine Arts (research in Sculpture). He works primarily in fine Australian timber, bronze and fire and has exhibited his work in many sculpture and solo exhibitions, both in Australia and internationally.

    Recently, this has taken the structure of pursuing research into the history and contemporary implications of the life and writing of St. Francis of Assisi. Realization of this has taken material form, as commissions, residency work, group and solo shows. Highlights include commissions and residencies, lead artist of the Australian section of the 2010 satellite eARTh Project for 350.org, and recently received Third Place in the Video Art section of the 2017 XI Florence Biennale in Italy.

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