Title: Two Lemon Leaves 


Adjustig to apartment living has meant learning to enjoy nature in a different way. These are leaves from a resillient little lemon tree growing in a pot 


Artist: Nicola Heasley (Dawborn)

Medium: Oil on canvas 

Size: Approx. Canvas 45x55


Nicola Heasley (Dawborn) | Two Lemon Leaves

  • Ms. Heasley was born in New Zealand, and attended Otago School of Fine Art, receiving a diploma in fine art in 1992 and a Grad Dip in Education with a double art method (ACU, Melbourne) in 2009. Up until 2017, Ms. Dawborn worked as a graphic designer in NZ and Australia, including at The Age; and as an art teacher, including heading the art department at Norwood Secondary College in Melbourne. Before embarking on these careers, she was a regular group and solo exhibitor in the Dunedin, NZ region. Ms.Dawborn is currently learning landscape painting under the tutelage of Adrien Strampp, and working from her Melbourne home studio on a collection of nature-inspired oil paintings.


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