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Artist: Oliver Neukom

Medium: Sculpture

Size: Approx. 

Olivier Neukom |

  • Olivier Neukom

    Olivier Neukom was born in Switzerland in 1986 moving to Australia at the age of nine. He grew up spending countless hours outdoors, which he believes helped his creative development from a young age.

    Olivier started his career qualifying in landscape construction where he developed his passion for stone masonry, over this time creating many impressive stoneworks.

    Travelling to Canada Olivier was presented the opportunity to work exclusively for an art gallery as a stone sculptor.

    Olivier is a self-taught artist who has learnt through trial and error; there is a sense of freedom that is evoked as he creates. He draws inspiration from nature expressing its bald beauty along with his emotions and impressions through stone sculpture. Olivier’s Sculptures have beemn represented in Whistler Canada at Fathom Stone Art Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel, Cornucopia Wine and Food festival along with many in personal collections.

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