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This book is a full colour collection of art from the STILL STANDING EXHIBITION Featuring over 35 different artists from around the Yarra Ranges region who use arts and creativity to facilitate the journey through management and recovery of their mental health and wellbeing. It follows the widely noted Endure Exhibition for Women held at Kapi Art Space in 2019 and Endure e-merge on-line exhibition in 2020.

Kapi Art Space 4-13th March.  


Thanks to the Yarra Ranges Council for their generous support of this event and book.

The Exhibition was open from: 4th - 13th March2022 at Kapi Art Space, Kalorama and was run by Kapi Art Inc. and in partnership with the Yarra Ranges Council.


Kapi Art Space Inc. is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in the Yarra Ranges encouraging supportive and inclusive arts-based activities and events. Its focus is on building resilience, capacity, and wellbeing in individuals & communities through education, connection, and creativity.

Still Standing 2022 Book

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