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My name is Rebecca Wilson, I was born in Melbourne and have lived here my whole life. From the very beginning I have had a vibrant imagination and high awareness of emotions and details. I had a sharp focus and noticed the smallest of things that no one else seemed to pick up on. I started my art journey when I was 11 years old. Growing up I took major interests in animals, I had to paint the soul through the animals eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. I felt such a strong connection with them. I wasn't really ever taught how to paint, it's something that that was always part of me. I am a self taught artist.

I had a traumatic spinal injury at the early age of 17, I lost myself. It took me 16 years of recovery until my gift of painting returned. It was a miracle.

I had my first exhibition at The Sorrento Art Show in January 2019 where I exhibited 3 paintings. A week after that I was searching for a place I could go to and paint more as there wasn't enough space at home. This is where I found Heather and Kapi. It's been a life changing experience and for the better. I'm so glad I found Kapi. The people here are so caring with beautiful souls. I couldn't be happier


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