Tony J King - Communion 2021   1220 x 510 mm.jpg
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Tony King 

Having grown up in the tough, migrant, working-class northern suburbs of South Australia in the sixties and seventies, King was exposed to the working class culture and musical tastes of other British migrants.

He has earned a living as a truck driver, storeman, labourer, salesman, picture framer, musician and teacher. Along the way there was a return to school, then university as curiosities started to develop.

After completing studies in English Literature and Music he started to become interested in modern jazz and modernist art, particularly the New York scene of the forties and fifties and also here with the modernist artists like Albert Tucker, Joy Hester, Arthur Boyd, Sidney Nolan, John Olsen and Charles Blackman.

After a few decades of non-involvement in visual art, the pandemic opened up a new window and a new fascination with painting and its possibilities in feeding a hungry mind.


‘My style of painting is based on an abstracted view. I don’t really focus on any figurative references, and using only a free, intuitive approach, I like to apply paint to the canvas just looking for colour contrasts and design ideas.

I do like to start off with a particular colour combination but that is usually the only organizational idea that I apply. I am always excited by the journey of the unknown and for me, the abstract style always delivers this satisfaction.’