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Aaron sculpture 2.jpg
Aaron sculpture.jpg

Aaron Jones

Reclaimed and reconsidered wood, hand-sculpted


In a world where so much value seems placed on the shiny and the new, true beauty awaits those who care to explore beneath the surface of existing materials such as discarded and weathered timber, with its physical and embodied history.


Aaron's work is driven by his love of the character and potential contained within timber that has been “distressed” by age and the elements. He endeavors to enter into a “conversation” with the material he works with, a conversation that changes both himself and the audience, and that seeks to reflect the sentiments expressed by art critic Gene Baro, who in his interpretation of Henry Moore’s work states:


“The act of finding a form in a form, without violating the character of the material, requires a profound sense of relationship, but also a refining intelligence, for to work in this way is to finish something partially given.” 

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