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STILL STANDING - 2021 Exhibition -

Kapi Art Space 4-13th March.  

Exhibition Open from: 4th - 13th March at Kapi Art Space, Kalorama

Opening Celebration: Sunday 6th March - 2pm 

Theatre Performance: Sunday 6th March -3pm 

This event is run by Kapi Art Inc. and in partnership with the Yarra Ranges Council.

Kapi Art Space Inc. is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in the Yarra Ranges encouraging supportive and inclusive arts-based activities and events. Its focus is on building resilience, capacity, and wellbeing in individuals & communities through education, connection, and creativity.

STILL STANDING 2022 is an art exhibition featuring artists in the Yarra Ranges region who use arts and creativity to facilitate the journey through management and recovery of their mental health and wellbeing. It follows the widely noted Endure Exhibition for Women held at Kapi Art Space in 2019 and Endure e-merge on-line exhibition in 2020.


As we still linger in the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, and we rebuild and recover from the devastating storm that so deeply affected our beautiful Community, this exhibition will undoubtedly speak to and bear the marks of this unique historical moment in our lives, as the testimony and legacy of the work of the people that, despite the challenge, still stand tall, create and overcome.


No matter if art is a hobby, or the manifestation of a dream or aspiration, or is a job; no matter in which form, but art has always been an instrument to express our more intimate and true self; a way to decompress and unburden our soul and heart; a way to cope with the anxiety of life, even more in this particular moment in time; it may tell of things that we have lost or may lose, or it may speak of hopes for the future to come.


The creative and artistic works showcased in this exhibition will play a significant role for both artists and audience; it will make them share a common connection with the experience of lockdown and devastation, we do still stand in this together, everyone in our own way, but we are all connected.


The exhibition will be officially launched on Sunday 6th of March and will be running to Sunday 13th of March.


We have invited artists, writers, musicians, and performers who live, work or play in the Yarra Ranges area to share and submit the artworks they have created, we have over 50 pieces of art and around 35 artists participating for 2022.


Participating artists have a fantastic opportunity to both expose new or existing work to a supportive local community and the broader online community and gallery visitors, as well as giving voice and validation to experiences of mental health illness and recovery; reducing the social stigma attached to those experiences.

To encourage community engagement in this important social experience, a People’s Choice Award will be offered in two categories: 

-      Youth aged 12-17 years - art pack valued of $200

-      Adults aged 18+ - art pack valued of $300

You can vote for your favorite artist with a voting form at the Kapi Art Space Gallery.

Key Dates for Artists

Application and Fee payment closes ( Over 18 - $35 for 1-2 entries, Under 18- $10 per 1-2 entries ) - Last day for applying is Tuesday 15th February 

Accepted artworks notified: Monday 21st February

Artwork delivered: Wednesday 2nd March, between 11am -  8pm

Exhibition Open: Friday 4th - Sunday 13th March

Exhibition Opening Event: Sunday6th March, 2pm

Peoples Choice Awards announced:  Sunday 13th March, 2pm

Pick up artworks: Wednesday 16th March, between 11am - 8pm

In partnership

with the

Yarra Ranges Council


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