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Miffy Gilbert

Painting & Drawing

Miffy has always loved the little details in life and in nature. She enjoys seeing the overall design but can't help zooming in to marvel at the intricacies to be discovered up close. 

She has lived a diverse professional horticultural life as a magazine editor and freelance contributor to high-profile professional horticultural magazines, combined with several years of experience as a business development consultant as well as a horticultural educator. She is a qualified Horticulturalist and a long-term member of the Horticultural Media Association Australia (Victoria).

As a convert to the botanical art and illustration scene, Miffy is enjoying turning her mind to a new way of looking at nature. It has allowed her to re-discover plants and the amazing structures and natural design found within their form. She loves putting her passion and respect for plants into her paintings.

Previously exhibited in Re-Framing Nature: Friends of RBG Melbourne (2019), Artanica:  Mt Macedon Horticultural Society (2021), Seasons at Cloudehill Nursery & Gardens (2021-23) and The Greenery Heidelberg (Oct-Dec 2023). 

Miffy is currently teaching botanical watercolour and botanical coloured pencil drawing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, the Botanical Art School of Melbourne and beginning January 2024 for the Sherbrooke Art Society at Sherbrooke Gallery, Belgrave.

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Price Guide: $500 - $9000
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