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Stories of Endurance - Book NOW AVAILABLE!

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In October 2019, 34 women artists of the Yarra Ranges came together at Kapi Art Space in a magnificent exhibition of over 50 works for Mental Health Week. Each of these strong women had used their art in some way to help them with their mental health and wellbeing and each told her compelling story of Endurance in art and words.

Partially funded by Yarra Ranges Council and funded and supported by Heather Bradbury Design and many many hours of Kapi Art Space volunteer work, the exhibition was viewed by over 600 people went for 10 days. It featured adult and young artist’s People’s Choice prizes and an Opening Event where artists came together in celebration and sharing of story.

Kapi Art Space is now compiling these amazing works and stories of resilience into a beautiful and inspiring coffee table book and we hope you can support this remarkable project. We are now pre-selling (CLICK BELOW) copies of the book for $25 and all profits from the sale of the book will be reinvested by Kapi Art Space to deliver future arts based mental health and wellbeing programs across the region.

Visitors to the Kapi Art Space during the Endure 2019 Exhibition were so touched by the works and the stories that they commented:

  • Very well set up - lovely to experience local work

  • Recognised myself in the work

  • I think it’s amazing to see how different people express their struggle with mental health issues in such different and emotive ways

  • Wonderful to see the importance of art on a person’s health and well being

  • It was delightful to see people using art as a healing practice and to explore their emotions

  • Breathtaking, powerful, emotional

  • An emotional and peaceful experience. Very impressed. Thank you

  • Some very good artists who have cracked through issues

  • As a participating artist, it’s been wonderful to meet other women working through similar struggles with similar strategies, hopes and dreams. I feel a community may develop from this experience

  • What a wonderful idea, brilliantly executed

  • Brilliant, inspirational, eye opening and immersive


We hope you enjoy this publication as a beautiful record of the Endure 2019 Exhibition and a vibrant collection of local artworks. Stay tuned for Endure Emerge Arise  LIVE opening on ZOOM  which will be held online October 3rd at 2pm 2020. Head to facebook page to book your place...

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