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KAPI  ART  SPACE News for Artists

This page is here for Artists of Kapi to keep up to date with any latest news

Save this link and come back to it when you want to see what is the latest updates!

PS the video below talks about an Open Studio collaborative piece... I mention the canvas is to be 20x20cm. But we have now decided it is to be 8x10inches (listen to get more info or read more below!)

Artists Update - Jan 2022

Artists Update - Jan 2022

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OPEN STUDIO 2-3rd April

We have been a bit on the back foot in promoting this with you all, but we know it will be an amazing time if you choose to participate. We really encourage you all to take part, even if you can only come for a short time over the weekend you will certainly benefit! We will connect closer to the time to see what times you are able to come.

There are two things we are needing from you if you want to be involved.  There is a small OPTIONAL fee of $24 to be involved. A fantastic opportunity to network and sell more of your work! This is not compulsory, just if you feel you would like to contribute. You can still be involved whatever you choose. (we were very late in getting the information to you)

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As part of the Open Studio exhibition, we are required to contribute a collaborative piece!

We understand there is not much time, (we do apologise) and if you don't have time let us know, but we would love it if you could produce an 8x10 inch piece of art to contribute by the 4th of February.

You will see here a photo of water, we will devide this into 20 sections and each of us will do an interpretation of it in our own style and medium ...


We will be sending you an email soon with a section of this larger photo.


We would love it if you can find a canvas (preferably about 1.5 inches deep, but that is optional, eg. if you need to work on paper you can do that, the main thing is you keep to 8x10inch (vertical) and keep to the photo's lines and shapes. You will be receiving a section of the photo below, we ask that you mostly keep the main lines the same, just adding in your own media and style.


****We will need the artwork to the gallery in three weeks (4th of February)

Any questions just message us at


We encourage you to take part!

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