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Artist: Doreen Backway

My artistic abilities provide personal health benefits in my life through mindfulness, grounding, happiness and intense enjoyment! Focussing on my whimsical sculptures keeps me in the present and prevents my mind from worrying especially with the Covid-19 lockdown situation. I love loosing myself in the ‘flow’ of creativity and often laugh at the many different quirky ideas emerging from my imagination. The pleasure and value my sculpting gives me is extremely rewarding and contributes greatly to my overall wellbeing, self-esteem, purpose and identity.

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Captain William Wetherby - Steampunk Aviator is a reflection of my own thoughts of strength, determination and willingness to take on any challenge! Having time to focus on my creativity during the tough Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, I now realise how valuable and worthwhile my art is to help me feel balanced and complete. Why not stand on a tower of strength and think of amazing possibilities! I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this idea to fruition, from the Captain’s very detailed Steampunk costuming and outfitting, through to the very courageous daredevil tower! Captain William Wetherby’s attempt at flying has made me very proud! This original one of a kind, mixed media sculpture was created from polymer clay, wire, fabrics, paint, wood & found objects. A pure pleasure to make!



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