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One big wish - Cameron Semmens

The story of a child learning to live with seperated parents

This is the story of a little girl with big hopes and a big imagination. Her parents don't live together anymore. It's confusing, and she feels weird about it. But with love and a new perspective she finds her way through. So, come with her, as she stands on the edge of a whole new life.


Industry Reviews

As a counsellor, I will be recommending this book to my clients without hesitation. - Matt Glover, Professional Counsellor, MGA Counselling Services. .... "One Big Wish holds the hardness of life together with a touch of whimsy and colour and grace and whales and marshmallows. What a perfect book to help both children and parents name what is happening in their inner world during a time of separation." - Joel McKerrow, writer, performance poet, speaker, educator. ... "As someone who works with kids and parents navigating the seas of separation, often in damaged vessels, One Big Wish holds an important message for both kids and parents alike. Helping children name their feelings and give voice to their thoughts is such a powerful stage for them to come to terms with the transitions and changes that they don't ask for. Helping parents find language that takes away a child's sense of guilt or responsibility and to acknowledge it's not easy for them is powerful and liberating; nay, it's both protecting and restoring their childhood. Cameron has encapsulated it all in this wonderfully worded weave of hope alongside Carmen's beautiful, illuminating illustrations." - Brendon Birch, clinical counsellor,

Cameron Semmens | Poetry

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