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Dianne Mollison - Garden Songs

Dianne Mollison - Garden Songs

Dianne lives and works in Montrose and practiced as an art teacher in the local area for many years, majoring in VCE Studio Arts. After a long break taken up with raising a family and a teaching career, she resumed her art practice in 2008. She produced semi abstract and abstract compositions in acrylic paint on canvas. Themes that she explored were titled: The Rejoicing Trees and The Rhythms Series. These were exhibited at Stairway church and Ringwood cafes, and later the Lilydale Sozo Centre. Colour and line were strong elements in these works. Another series titled Landscapes of the Mind, explored inner states of being through the motif of landscape. These were exhibited at Wyreena, Croydon, in 2014. Smaller mixed media works on paper that explored the themes of : Garden Songs and Studies in Joy, were also displayed. These smaller works explored interesting textures and delicate tones and softer colours. In 2016 Dianne’s passionate love of leaves and nature directed her explorations. She worked with the eco-contact printing technique onto watercolour papers producing many lyrical botanical designs. These were presented in small and large framed format. She also began to explore the plasticity of clay where texture and imprinting became a passionate fascination. This has developed over time into the many botanical designs that are now plates and bowls of varying sizes and other decorative pieces and ceramic jewellery. Leaves and flowers are lovingly collected and pressed and then used in the design process along with heritage laces and stamps. The joy of the garden and the forest are an ongoing feature of this work, in fact the beauty of nature constantly inspires every design. Pieces are produced in both earthenware and stoneware clays with a heavy reliance on oxides and stains and all are handbuilt. Dianne continues to produce mixed media work on paper and is exploring increasingly more abstract designs. Instagram: @diannemollison

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Artists pay $50 a month to hire space in the gallery for all art including 3D and 2D works. 

The space also accommodates for digital art and performance art. Kapi takes 20% commission for sales. 10% for Cards & Books. All Kapi Artists work is also uploaded to our online gallery. 

There is no specific limit on space or size per Artist, but a minimum of 4 pieces of art is suggested to begin. 


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