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Artist: Jan Parish

Medium: Mixed Medium 

Size: Approx. H75cm x W 52cm

Jan Parish |

  • Jan Parish


    ​The natural world has always filled me with curiosity and wonder.

    ​Growing up in The Dandenong Ranges enabled me to spend time exploring along the Sassafras creek while being in my own world of imagination. The wildlife I encountered on a daily basis was an enchantment.

    ​As an adult my then husband and I explored many rainforest environments from Tasmania to Cape York and Western Australia for our book,Rainforest Australia.

    ​When I retired from my publishing business I took up art full time and have been painting and exhibiting ever since.

    ​For the last 12 years I have been living in The Kimberley pursuing my art, I have been exhibiting my Nature Portraits and Kimberley landscapes in Kununurra. Now, as I spend half the year in Melbourne, I return to the hills and am re-inspired by the majestic eucalypt forest and so many glorious gardens. I feel compelled through my art to express my great love of the birds I grew up with.

    I am very grateful to be part of Kapi Gallery and very excited to be able to exhibit my work in this beautiful location. What a wonderful homecoming.

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